Crowns & Bridges

Sometimes teeth have been so badly damaged by decay or wear that cosmetic fillings are no longer a viable option. Under these circumstances the tooth can be saved and protected by a crown or a bridge.

Crowns can also be used on either side of a gap so that a bridge can be constructed to replace one or more missing teeth without the use of implants.

Occasionally, patients who have crowded or malaligned teeth and who are unable to commit themselves to orthodontic treatment can have their problems solved by the use of crowns or veneers which can be used to disguise the appearance of the teeth and provide a beautiful smile for life.

Many of our patients who come to see us are very unhappy with the appearance of crowns or bridges, fitted by another dentist. Their crown are often of good quality but have failed to please the patient because of simple error - lack of communication between the various people involved in their construction. At Vohra Dental Clinic we pride ourselves in our team approach. We believe that constructing a crown is a combination of technical expertise and artistic flair. From the outset we involve our highly skilled technician in the planning and designing. We encourage as much communication as possible among the patient, technician and dentist to ensure that the final result is exactly as expected.

Often we begin by constructing models of the finished restorations so that the patient is able to see what his or her mouth would look like before any work is started.

We actively encourage friends or family to come with the patient so that they can contribute to the final result. Thus patients are able to feel relaxed with the knowledge that we will achieve their desired appearance.

If the desired appearance is not achievable (which only happen occasionally) we would explain the problems and suggest alternatives.

We also use metal free ceramics (Procera). Our centre was amongst the first ones in India to introduce this technique. It is in use at our centre successfully and quite routinely. It gives high value esthetics and pleases the patient immediately. Certainly to please the connosieurs!