Endodontics / Root Canal Therapy

With the cutting edge technology at Vohra Dental Clinic RCT can be done in one sitting eliminating the need for repeated visits to the dentist.

The mere mention of root canal therapy sends a shudder through most patients. However, with advances in modern dental technology and effective use of analgesia even this most feared of dental treatments has been transformed into a pain free and acceptable procedure and we are now able to save many of the most heavily destroyed teeth and avoid extractions.

Any discomfort associated with root canal treatment is in fact usually felt prior to an intervention by the dentist. Usually the tooth has died or is dying as a result of extensive decay or trauma. During the dying period the root become irritated and this produces the pain that makes most patient seek advice from the dentist. Once the tooth has died the nerve endings and blood vessels in the tooth can become infected and subsequently form a abscess, causing a build-up of pressure and associated pain.

The aim of root canal therapy is to relieve any discomfort, not create it and in fact we achieve this in a painless and relaxed manner. After gaining access to the tooth, which is simply like having a normal filling, all the canals are cleaned out thoroughly with special antiseptics. The void created is then completely filled up with a plasticised material which renders the whole canal system inert, stable and therefore pain free.

The treatment is usually carried out over two visits and during each appointment the tooth is isolated with use of a rubber dam. Between appointments the tooth is dressed temporarily so as to remain pain free and functional. After the root canal treatment the tooth can be restored to a natural looking and normal state, usually by crowning, to increase its overall strength and longevity.